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Everything was peaceful, you were sitting on the couch, reading your favorite book, a cup of hot chocolate near you. You're too focused to hear the noise made by Jacob and Evie, who are still decorating the house for Christmas. They are actually decorating the Christmas tree, and it looks like Jacob is doing some mess, as always. The Frye twins are your best friends, and you share a house with them. This will be the first Christmas that you will spend with them in the shared house. This will also be the first Christmas that you will spend with your parents and your friends all together. Actually you're not sure about this, you fear that maybe your parents won't like them, and you don't want to start any fight. You like Christmas, but it makes you feel a little nostalgic. You feel like this especially when you listen to Christmas songs. Maybe is because you miss your grandparents, and Christmas without them isn't the same. But now you have Jacob and Evie, maybe this nostalgic feeling will leave you. You can't focus on the book anymore, so you just close it and you go in the other room, taking your hot chocolate with you. As you expected Jacob and Evie are having problems with the tree lights, Jacob is a little stuck. The door bell rings suddenly, and this surprises you. You weren't waiting for anyone to come over today

“I'll get the door” you say, before Jacob could even realize that you were in the room. You open the door, and find Henry standing in front of you. You smile deviously “Ehi Evie, your boyfriend has just arrived!” you shout, knowing that Evie will get her revenge for this

Everybody knows that Evie likes Henry, as everybody knows that Henry likes Evie...everybody except them. You and Jacob sometimes joke about this, especially him. You let Henry come in, and immediately you see Evie reaching him while she's glaring at you. You just suppress a new devilish smile and walk back to the living room, were Jacob has still his forearm tided up in those Christmas lights. You still can't understand how he done it “Ehi (y/n), could you give me a hand? I'm quite...stuck” you get closer to him, with a puzzled look “Don't you dare asking me how this append, because I don't know it” he says

You try to free him, with a little help by him. Sometimes his hand would brush against yours, making you blush. It's quite hard for you to hide it. You and the Frye twins have been friends from quite a while now, but now that you're more adult you have developed a crush for Jacob. Now it's going on like this from some months, maybe a year. You aren't shy when you're around him, not always at least. If he seems flirty or if he looks more handsome than usual, then you would blush madly. You would like to confess everything to him, but you're scared. You don't want to ruin your friendship, you don't want to lose him. You would die to feel his lips on yours, to feel his skin brushing against your while he caresses you tenderly, to spend the lazy and cold nights watching a film and cuddling with him under a blanket...but you'll have to dream of if, and nothing more. Maybe that's why Christmas makes you feel strange this year too...because of the damn mistletoe. It's one of the symbols of Christmas, and Evie placed some mistletoe in the house. If you accidentally got under it whit Jacob you'll should kiss him, as the tradition tells, this would be enjoyable at first, but then it would be painful. You would know that you couldn't do this again, and you'll be in pain, because it's something that you would like to do. Also you couldn't be sure if he really means it or not. You hope that Jacob didn't noticed your change of expression while you tried to untie him. Finally you free his forearm, and in this instant Evie comes back in the living room, followed by Henry. She asks you if you could go and pick a box of decorations that she forgot in the garage. You actually don't know where she placed it, but you do this favor to her. You reach the garage's door and open it, entering. You desperately search for the damn box of tree's decorations, and you find it after a while. It's quite heavy, but it's nothing that you can't manage to carry. You half have a jump scare when you see Jacob at the door frame

“Easy there love, it's just me” he says, chuckling. Sometime he calls you like that, and this dosen't make things easier. You asked him multiple times to stop it, to call you just by your name, but he's too stubborn to listen. You look at him, surprised “Evie asked me to go and check you, since that it took you a while to find that box”

You get closer to him, stopping suddenly in front of him. You're sure that you saw some mistletoe hanged on the door frame, but you check again “Shit, I could swear that this thing wasn't there before” you hiss, giving a glare at the killer decoration

Jacob looks up, and then smirks at you “Mistletoe…you know what this means, don't you?”

You half see Evie behind him, covered by a wall and by Jacob's body “It's just a stupid tradition Jacob, we don't have to follow this” you say, trying to delete this bittersweet and dangerous idea from his mind. Madness and pain are tormenting your heart right now, and you would just go there and shout at Evie for what she has just done. That's it, she sent you to the garage with an excuse, knowing that you didn't know exactly were the box was, so that asking Jacob to go and check you would have sense. She then silently followed Jacob, and she placed the mistletoe somehow, and then she hided, even if she wanted to be sure that you would saw her. But as you realize how everything happened, you also understand that Evie would never do something that could make you feel pain on purpose. Maybe she knows something that I don't know, you think

“Oh, your words wounded me love” he says, taking the box from your hands and placing it in a random corner on the floor. His voice was quite...flirty, and smooth. You would like to say something, to stop him gently, but you're frozen

“Stop calling me like that, you know that this makes me feel-” you don't have the time to finish your sentence, he suddenly presses his lips on your own, kissing you gently

At first you're shocked, but after an instant you melt in the kiss, enjoying it and feeling chills running down your spine. He surely is a good kisser, you're knees are weak because of this right now. When he breaks the kiss you feel a little guilty, since that you think that you didn't kissed back properly “How does the fact that I call you love makes you feel? I think that I quite didn't understand what you were saying”

“(y/n), Jacob, is everything ok?” Evie calls you, saving you from her brother's question

You pick up the box from the floor, walking back to the living room “Yes Evie, d-don't worry”

You secretly feel fluttered when Jacob calls you love, sometimes more than just fluttered, but you just can't say that to him, not when is oh-so-damn close to you, with an oh-so-damn sexy look. You finish decorating the tree with the others, you and Jacob are trying to act like nothing happened.

Two days have passed, and today is Christmas. As you knew, Henry was the first one to reach you to celebrate. Now you're waiting for your parents. They said to you before that they were almost there. You're waiting in a funny way, trying to get your revenge with Evie, helped by Jacob. Mistletoe will help you in this. You are trying to let Evie and Henry “accidentally” go under the damn mistletoe that you hanged on the kitchen's door frame. You would have done this later, but you and your partner in crime decided to be good and do this now. It'll be less embarrassing for them if your parents are not there to see. Your plan works, and you try your best to be silent. You would just fangirl really hard right now, because you ship them so much, but you really can't. After some minutes of Jacob teasing his sister and Greenie, the door bell rings, and you fast go to get the door, hugging your parents tightly. Then you introduce everybody to them. You and your mother go in the kitchen to prepare everything for the day. Her help is precious, since that you're the one who does the cooking in the house, because Jacob and Evie aren't able to do it or they're not interested in it, you still don't know. At least they do most of the other house work to pay you back. It's been a long time since you last cooked with your mother, it's a refreshing thing. While you prepare the dishes you hear your father talking to Jacob, and they're laughing. It looks like they get on well, and this makes you feel happy and relaxed. If Jacob becomes his son-in-law at least he will already know him a little, you think, letting your thoughts run free in your mind

“You know (y/n), it's been a while since you looked very happy on Christmas” you mother says, surprising you “I can always tell how your look changes. In the last years it was a little nostalgic on Christmas, but now you're eyes are sparkling, like they always did in the past on Christmas”

“Well, it's just know, Evie, Jacob and Henry are really dear to me, and spending Christmas with them and with you and dad is just...beautiful. I have all the people that I care about in one place, getting on well between them, I couldn't have asked for something better”

“Are you sure that Jacob is just a friend for you, sweetheart?” she teases you, with a devilish smile, which is very similar to yours

“M-mum, leave this kind of question for another moment! W-what if he hears something!?” you say, shyly

You mother just chuckles, and then she keeps on cooking. Is your crush for Jacob really so evident? Or your mother knows you so much to tell immediately what's in your mind? You really don't know. After this quite strange moment you enjoy that beautiful day with your friends and family, a smile never fading from your lips. Jacob is trying his best to making your parents aware of the fact that you do lots of silly things that they would never imagine. You act like you're pissed of by this, but you're just laughing, because of the jokes that your parents and the Frye twins make about you and also because of the memories that you have of those silly moments. There are also moments when you just can't stop starring at Jacob, looking like you're just paying attention to him and to what he's saying, but for real you're hypnotized by him. His jawline, his eyes, his smile, and his two scars on his face...he's just too much, and you can't stop looking at him. And then you remember what happened two days ago, and you blush furiously. A smirk ghosts on Jacob's lips, making you understand that he noticed this. Before your parents could see this too and embarrass you, you leave for a moment with an excuse. You reach your bedroom, and you instinctively look at your photos with Jacob and Evie. You have a portion of a wall full of photos with them. In some of them there's only Jacob and you, both of you with bright and sincere smiles on your faces. Since that this makes you blush more, you just try to focus on something else to calm down your self. When you're leaving the bedroom you see some mistletoe hanged on the door frame of your room, and this time too you're sure that this wasn't there before. You walk closer to it, and suddenly Jacob appears from nowhere in front of you. He was hided behind the wall, and you surely didn't expected him to show himself like this

“God damn it Jacob, you scared me to death!” you half scream, a hand on you chest, trying to calm your fast heartbeat. You sigh, looking up “Why Evie keeps on hanging the damn mistletoe everywhere? Even on my door frame, this dosen't make any sense”

“Actually, that's not Evie's fault this time”

“Did you just hanged it!? But why!?” you say with a taut voice

“To steal a kiss from you, of course” he says silvery, but the he becomes suddenly serious “I've really enjoyed the 'accident' of two day ago. It made me understand completely how much I love you, how much I'd like to have you as a girlfriend” you feel like your heart just skipped a beat, you're cheeks burning red, your hands are trembling while they reach for Jacob's chest “I'm quite sure that it's the same for you, but if that's not like it prove me wrong then” he says, acting like he's hurt, to make you feel more relaxed

“How could I not love you back?” you simply say, giggling of happiness

You share another sweet kiss under the mistletoe, and this time you kiss him back properly...maybe that's not an infamous decoration after all. You break the kiss just when you need some air, and then reach the others to open the Christmas gift while you wait for the first dish of the Christmas dinner to get ready. You spot a big box wrapped in some fine package paper with your name on it. First you read the Christmas card, of course.

Dear (y/n), we hope that you'll like those gifts. We bought them all together to have a bigger budget and to get you more things. Some people say that gifts are the way to understand if people know us, and we hope that you'll think “damn, they know me so well that it's almost impossible!”

Love from your mum, your dad, Henry, Evie and (your beloved) Jacob

You giggle, understanding that Jacob wrote the postcard, that's quite easy to see. You then open your gift, the box inside is full of merchandising of your favorite fandoms, some of those things are also quite expansive. You just can't control your happiness, and you hug everyone, giving a quick kiss too to Jacob, indirectly announcing what happened between you and him. The rest of the day is as beautiful as the early part of it, and even your father's recommendations to Jacob are funny to hear. You don't think that it's too much to say that this is the best Christmas of your life.
As a pirate, you should be strong, fearless and always ready to fight. Fighting is not a problem, but you’re strong and fearless only when it comes to fight. Because deep down you’re not that strong, and not that fearless. You came to Caribbean when you were 20, with your parents. You’re father was chosen to be a Governor, so you and your mother decided to follow him. He wanted to be a good Governor. He had a plan to negotiate with pirates, he didn’t want to stop their illegal activity with killing all of them, he wasn’t like the others. He knew pirates very well, he had travelled a lot, that’s why he knew them so much. He always talked of them to you, saying how much he appreciated their principles despite all. He always said that it wasn’t always easy to recognize some principles in their way of living, but most of them, deep down their soul, had strong principles. You father knew this, and he was sure that with a good negotiate he could change the Caribbean’s reality without killing any pirate. Some people thought that he was crazy, but others knew that he was stubborn and clever enough to do it. That’s why your ship was attacked while you were reaching Havana. If everything went in the right way, you would have reached Kingstone after some days of rest in Havana. The ship that attacked yours had a black flag, but aboard there weren’t pirates, but Spanish soldiers. They kept the red robes of the Spanish army, but changed their flag. The ship was huge and powerful, and nobody could see that they weren’t pirates if they were far. The characteristics of the ship and the black flag would let anyone far from them, and that’s exactly what they wanted. Also when they started to attack your ship you were sailing in a peaceful zone of ocean, where usually the war ships and the pirate ship didn’t sail. So it was useless to ring the alarm bell, there weren’t any other ships besides the Spanish one and the one where you were on. Before the ship sank, they shot your father in the head under your eyes, they wanted to be sure that he wouldn’t survive. You don’t know how much you waited for help, you just were there, on some remains of the ship, waves taking you somewhere. You still were far from land when the ship sank. You just know that when you were saved you were so tired and you actually don’t remember anything of that moment, only some shouting from a ship that was passing by

“Backboard, man in the water, captain!”

“Woman in the water!”

For a brief moment, you thought that they weren’t going to save you, but you have a short memory of a pair of strong arms around you. Then you eyelids closed, you were too tired, too desperate. Those strong arms were Edward’s ones. He still was a beginner captain, but he already was famous when he saved you. You woke up in the Captain’s cabin, wrapped in a blanket, but with your wet clothes still on. Actually, this disappointed you at first, but then you started to think that it was better. You’re quite shy, and just thinking of a stranger seeing you half naked makes you feel uncomfortable. You were on a pirate ship, you were a little scared, but at the same time, you felt safe. You were still alive, and this was the most important thing. After some time, Edward came in to check you, and he was quietly surprised to see you awake. You knew that you owed him a favor, since that he saved your life, and you were sure that this meant being part of his crew. But he surprised you completely: he let you choose. He said that you could pay your “debt” in a different way if you didn’t want to be a pirate. And he didn’t have any strange idea in mind. For a moment, you thought that he was quite caring, and gentle. He was letting you choose, and he was an infamous pirate. Without realizing it, you started to think that deep down he must have been a sweetheart. He left you again, saying that if you wanted to change you could take his clothes without problems, and he promised you that you would have some clothes that suited you when they would dock. You followed his suggestion, and then you sat there, thinking. In the end, you decided to be part of his crew. And there you are, in the crew’s cabin, awake. Your nightmares are getting worse in those days. Sometimes you have nightmares, losing your parents shocked you so damn much that you keep having bad dreams, that usually end with the sight of your father with a bullet in his head. You get up, walking silently to reach the deck. You have been part of this crew for quite a lot now, and you had slowly fell for your captain. Maybe it was love at first sight, because you felt a strange sensation when you reached him to say that you wanted to be part of his crew. Anyway, after a year, you talked to him on one of those nights, and he discovered the nightmares problem. That day he took you to his cabin, and he let you sleep with him, trying to calm you down by singing a sea shanty that you still didn’t know. It worked so well that you fell asleep, safe in his arms. When you woke up in the morning, he said that whenever you had a nightmare you could wake him up, and he promised you that he would always be there to let you feel safe when this happened. And that’s what are you doing now. You open the door of his cabin, and slowly reach his bed. You sit on the edge of it, shaking his shoulder lightly to wake him up. His blue eyes look directly at you, a sleepy expression on his face

“Having nightmares again lass?” he says, with his damn sexy sleepy voice. You just nod, and he gives you the space that you need to lay down with him

You hide your face in the crock of his neck, as you always do “How did you get the Jackdaw? Is there a particular story to be told?” you suddenly say. You are wondering about it from a while now

He starts to tell you this story, introducing how Templars captured him and why, and then he tells you how he got the Jackdaw. The most amazing thing is that he was able to sail even if there was a very bad storm. It took just a few minutes, and you still aren’t ok, so after a short moment of silence he starts to sing one of your favorites sea shanties: Lowlands Away. You can’t help it, and you start to sing with him, remembering every good moment that you spent with him until now, and there are lots of good memories. You think about how much you owe him, and you think about how much you love him, about how much you would do to make him feel well after what happened with Caroline. You remember when he taught you how to fight properly, and you just smile. You father taught you just the basics, so that you could defend yourself if something wrong happened. Now you’re able to use two swords like every good pirate and you’re also a good shooter, then you remember some moments at the tavern, with Tatch and Hornigold too. You focus on Edward’s voice, and on his heartbeat, and being in his arms makes you feel safe. When the song is going to end your singing becomes a light hum, and then you fall asleep. You dream about you and him, actually you’re dreaming of being his girlfriend. But what you don’t know is that you’re talking in your sleep. You’re just whispering, but Edward is hearing everything

“I owe you so much…I feel so safe when I’m with you…and I love you”

Edward just smiles. This comes as a surprise for him, even if at the same time he started to have some suspects some time ago.

In the morning, when you wake up, Edward is still asleep, so you decide to leave his cabin before he wakes up. You get free from his hug as careful as you can, but when you just stood up, he pulls you back in his arms, hugging you from behind

“You should be more careful about what you say in your sleep” he says

“About what?” you ask confused

“Let’s just say that you confessed to me without realizing it” you can’t say anything, and with a fast movement you leave his embrace and you try to get out of his room, scared. You don’t want to hear him say that it’s not the same for him, this would break your heart in two, and you hate yourself for the words that escaped from your lips. But Edward is faster than you, he gently grabs your wrist making you look at him “Why are you running away? You don’t have to worry about this” He pulls you closer to him, your hands pressed against his still bare chest “You’re everything that a man could want, and even more, and not just because you’re so damn beautiful. You know…I’m not an exception to this” He gets closer to your lips, looking directly at you “I love you too (y/n)…I love you so much”

It’s quite rare for him to call you by your name, but when he does you always have chills down your spine. You blush deeply, his lips getting closer and closer to yours. You can’t stop looking at those beautiful and piercing blue eyes. Impatient, you close the small distance between you, kissing him passionately. He quickly takes back the dominance, pulling you even closer to him, making you gasp. He takes advantage of this to explore every inch of your mouth, and you let escape a soft moan, unable to control it. Even if you both would like to go on like this, you break the kiss, needing air. He look at you, smirking “What a lovely sound, love” You look away, blushing deeply. He kisses you again, giving you a sweet kiss instead of a lustful one “Want to start learning how to sail today?”

You smile brightly and nod “Shall we reach the helm then?”

“Easy there lass, we can get a little more rest”

“But the sun is going to rise soon”

“We still have time…and anyway, you should listen to your captain’s orders” he whispers

You give up, and even if you can’t fall asleep again you just stay there, cuddling. After some time you finally reach the helm, and Edward teaches you how to sail, his hand on yours to show you how to do it. You enjoy every second of it, of his presence, being happy as you never was before. And everything happened because of your nightmares. Maybe it’s not so bad to have them sometimes, and maybe they’ll get better with time, thanks to the constant presence of Edward near you during the night.
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