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You didn’t know what your captain had in mind. He wanted you to change your outfit, he asked you to dress like a pirate, since that you are one. Edward Kenway saved you, two years ago. You were a prisoner on the Spanish Treasure Fleet, since that Templars captured you. You were trying to free the Sage, but he didn’t want your help, and while you were trying to catch him, Juliene DuCasse hit you from behind, stunning you. When you thought that there wasn’t any possibility to get free until landing, he appeared. Edward Kenway, the one who gave the map of the Assassin’s hideouts in the Caribbean just for money, the one who helped them to take the Sage in Torres’ mansion, the one that you were going to hate, freed you. He wanted you in his crew, since that he saved your life and you were in debt with him. You tried to refuse, but when he remembered you that the ship didn’t have a captain anymore, you surrender. At first you weren’t happy of being a pirate. You weren’t sure that the Brotherhood would appreciate that, and also you always sailed just as a passenger, you never were a sailor. At first you felt useless, but when you used your knowledge and your skills during the bad storm that you and the others had to manage, you understood that you could be an important part of the crew. Three months after you reached Nassau, were you had the opportunity to write to your mentor about what happened. He said that the fact that you were a pirate now wasn’t a problem for the Brotherhood, since that other Assassins were also pirates. And when you first went out sailing to plunder some ships Hornigold was here, near Edward. When the Spanish ship was near enough, you were the first one to reach it, using your jumping skills. You didn’t kill anyone, but you showed them that you’re a great fighter. As the time passed, you and Adéwalé became close. He’s like a brother for you. And as time passed Edward trusted you more and more, and you fell for him more and more. Even if he helped Templars, you understood that after all he’s a good person. There’s kindness in the deepest part of his soul, he’s caring even if he doesn’t show it. And God damn it, he surely is handsome and charming. You weren’t able to ignore all this things. Also, as time passed, you liked being a pirate more and more. Even if they are different, pirates and Assassins both want to be free, they both want a free world. You’re proud of being an Assassin, and also proud of being a pirate. But let’s come back to present. Your captain asked you to search for him and the others at the tavern after you had done your business in Nassau. You completed a little mission for the Brotherhood, and now you are reaching Edward, Hornigold and Thatch to the tavern. You’re a little confused, you don’t really know what’s going on. You look for them, hided under your hood. Even if you look like a pirate now, you wanted to have a hood. You’re an Assassin, after all. You are sure that your captain saw you, but he didn’t recognized you. Do you really look that different without the Brotherhood’s robes? You reach their table, and take off your hood.

“Morning, captain” you say, looking at his surprised face

“God damn it (y/n), you look so…different. This suits you perfectly” Edward says, scanning your body

You take place between him and Thatch “T-thank you. So, why you wanted me to meet with all of you?” you say, hoping that he didn’t saw your light blush

“You know lass, some day ago we were talking about your fighting skills, and I got curious. Are you able to sail?”

“Well, yes, but not very well, I think. I sailed a ship just once, for a short period. It was an emergency…”

“Well, I want to test you sailing abilities. I’m also curious to see how you would manage the ship plundering. So I thought that maybe you would be the one to sail the Jackdaw and to guide the crew during the plundering, just for today”

“What, me, alone?” you say, a little worried

“I will be right here, ready to take back the control of the ship if it’s necessary”

“Are you too scared to do it, (y/n)?” Hornigold says, joking

“Me, scared?” you say, looking angrily at him “I’ll do it captain, if that’s what you want”

He smirks, satisfied “Ok then, let’s go back to the Jackdaw”

Thatch and Hornigold will be on the Jackdaw too. They want to see everything with their own eyes. You don’t know it, but there’s a bet between them. Hornigold is sure that you aren’t able to sail a ship or to guide a crew properly, Edward and Blackbeard are sure of the contrary. Especially Edward trusts you and your skills. He announces the news to the crew, which approves happily, and then he follows you to the helm, taking place at your right, while Adé is at your left, Tatch and Hornigold near Edward. You take the helm, and your sailing experience starts. You manage to leave the dock pretty well, and there it is, the open sea right in front of you. You’re quite nervous, since that he’s here, watching you. You reach the best place to interfere the rout of quite big ships, which have also a good load. You exactly know what ships have the best load. It’s important for you to know the names of the ships that sail in the Caribbean and their load, since that maybe Templars would use some ships to complete their affairs. You see a brigantine that has a good load of rum and metal. You get closer to it, and you give the orders to neutralize it. The crew of the Spanish ship hadn’t the time to attack the Jackdaw, your choices were the good ones, your choices were studied in every detail, and you managed to neutralize the ship in a really short time. You get closer to it, and the plundering starts. You give some orders and then jump on the Spanish ship, killing a soldier with your hidden blade. He was trying to shot to one of your crewmates. After this first ship, you plunder 9 more brigantines, and then Edward says that it’s enough for today. You sail back to Nassau, satisfied with your performance. You never thought that you could be that good with sailing. You just observed your captain doing that, and it seems like this was enough for you to learn. You hear Hornigold mumbling. He still can’t believe to what he saw. Adéwalé looks quite surprised too. And Edward, well, he just smirked at you after you have plundered the last ship, satisfied. You can’t say what’s in this mind of his. You dock, and you let go of the helm. Edward suddenly recalls the attention of the crew

“I want to say why (y/n) took my place today. I thought that maybe she was even more capable than we thought, and I was right. I know that someone didn’t have the same idea, right Hornigold?” he says, looking at him for a moment “Anyway, since that now we know her abilities, I would like to nominee her the First Mate of this ship, but I’ll put it to the votes. Who wants (y/n) as the First Mate, shouts an aye!”

You look to the crew, everybody agree with the captain, even if they were a little surprised to hear his words, especially Hornigold and Thatch. You are the First Mate of the Jackdaw, an important ship of pirates, and you’re the girl that were never a sailor before meeting Edward. You, the crewmate who was completely useful only during plundering, are now the First Mate of the Jackdaw. You still can’t believe it, but looking at the enthusiastic crew makes you smile. Even Adé is smiling with you. You’re proud of yourself, and to be honest, you’d never thought that you were that able. But suddenly you think about the opinion that other will have of you, of the crew and of Edward, and you realize that not everyone will have a good opinion. Being a First Mate can be useful to develop the responsibilities of having others following your orders, and that’s a good thing, since that your dream is to become a Mentor. But are you ready for this? And most of all, are you ready to heard all the things that other pirates will have to say about Edward’s choice? You feel the urge of talking with Edward about it, but when you turn around, he’s not here. Hornigold and Thatch aren’t there either. You get off the Jackdaw, searching for him in every damn place of Nassau. You reach the beach, tired. You spot a good and peaceful place, and you sit there, your gaze at the sunset.

You hear a familiar voice “Enjoying the view, lass?”

“Edward, I was looking for you before. Where have you been?”

“I had some business to do here in Nassau. You needed something?”

“Actually, I was looking for you to talk about the being the First Mate thing” he sits down next to you, his gaze on you “I…I’m not sure that this role fits me”

“You fear the opinions of the other pirates, don’t you?” you nod slowly “Listen, you’re stronger than this ok? You never cared about what strangers think of you, you will not start to believe their opinion now, won’t you?” with a finger under your chin, he forces you to look him in the eyes, lifting your head up a little “I don’t care what others will say, from now on you’re my First Mate. I didn’t gave you this role just because you’re good at sailing and plundering. You’re the First Mate because I trust you, and also because the crew trusts you too, you saw this. Believe me, if someone tries to say that you don’t deserve this role, I’ll make him regret it” he says with a serious but also smooth tone. His gaze is still focused on yours, and he slowly leans down to your lips. But before he can reach them, someone ruins this perfect moment

“Kenway, you and your new First Mate are the only ones who still aren’t at the tavern…Did I interrupted something?” thank you, Blackbeard

You look away fast, trying to hide your hard blush “N-no, you didn’t interrupted anything” you say bluntly.

You stand up, and just walk away, reaching the tavern. You hear Thatch and Edward talking, but you’re not listening to them. When you arrive, you sit down next to Mary Read, well known as James Kidd, who’s far enough to the table occupied by Hornigold and Thatch. Edward will take place here, you already know. As you know Mary’s secret, she knows yours. She knows that you fell for Kenway, she didn’t need to hear it from you. She just observed you and understood everything. You usually chat a lot with the others at the tavern, and laugh with them, but today you just can’t. He was trying to kiss you, and his words…you didn’t had the time to understand if he was saying the truth, and you’re trying to understand it now. But you just can’t. You’re not sure to remember his look perfectly. When it comes to this kind of things, you’re a really careful person. Maybe too much careful.  You just can’t help it. And this time it’s good to be careful. He’s your captain. How can you start a relationship with him if you don’t know how this will end? What will happen if you break up? You would leave the crew. Maybe you would leave them to be a pirate on another ship, or maybe you would leave the Caribbean. But you can’t, you don’t want to. You love these places so much, and you would terribly miss Adé, and also Mary. You would start a relationship with him only if you were sure of the truth of his feelings. You hate it, but you’re overthinking, and now you’re not in the mood to stay here anymore. You leave the tavern, saying that you’re just a little too tired, and you head back to the Jackdaw. Suddenly, a strong harm pushes you against a wall, blue piercing eyes hided under a white hood looking in your (e/c) ones.

“You shouldn’t lie to your friends, lass”

“Edward? What the fuck are you actually doing!?” you say, confused

He takes off his hood, revealing his face to the moonlight “I know that there’s something wrong. You looked concerned all the time at the tavern” you look away, since that you don’t want him to understand everything, but he forces you to look him in the eyes, as he did before

You don’t know how you’re managing to stare at his gaze, when you would just like to look away “It’s just that…your words and your acting from before made me confused, a lot confused. A part of me believes in your words and acting, but the other half…”

It feels like his eyes are scanning you, reaching the deepest part of your soul. It feels like he’s reading your mind, understanding all your fears “Did I ever lied to you?” you just shock your head firmly. He slowly leans down to your face, and when your lips are going to touch, he whispers “Then why should I lie to you now? Why should I lie to the person that I love?”

You feel like your heart skipped a beat, his voice sending chills down your spine. In a moment you understood that the words from before were the truth, as those are. Finally, he kisses you, and you never thought that his kiss could be so sweet. You just melt in the kiss, like this was the only thing that you needed now, and actually it’s exactly like this. And it leaves you wanting more. When his lips separate from yours, you pull him by the collar and you kiss him again, this time roughly. You feel him smirking, his hands going down and stopping at your waist, pulling you closer to his toned body. He’s making you crazy, he’s making you wanting more than ever. He knows it perfectly, and let’s just say that you spent the rest of the night with him in the best way possible.
So, I had an english test yesterday, and after that I suddenly had an idea for an Ezio x Reader one shot. It’s my second Character x reader, and my second one shot wrote in english. I’m Italian, so I apologize if my english is bad.


Bella: beautiful

Molto bene, mia cara: very good, my dear

Scusa: sorry

Dolce cuore: sweetheart (I think that this is how you translate sweetheart in italian)

Ti amo anch’io: I love you too

Words: 1480


You were sitting on a rooftop alone, watching the night sky after a hard day. Your mission was quite hard and long, but that’s a part of being an Assassin. You are an assassin since two years, more or less. The brotherhood decided to send you in Italy, and decided that you would be Ezio Auditore’s apprentice. You are from London, but you were in danger here. You knew too much things about the Templar’s affairs, and you weren’t able to fight them alone. So you asked help to the brotherhood, you joined them, and here you are now. They were sure that Ezio Auditore was the perfect mentor for you, because with him you could learn faster. And they were right. When he was sure that you were ready, you got back to London and fought those Templars who wanted to kill you. But then you came back to Italy. You were missing Ezio so much. For you, he’s not just your mentor, you fell for him after a short time. You weren’t able to ignore how much charming, and also caring he is. He’s still your mentor, but he trusts you enough to let you go for important missions alone. You always ask him if you could help him with his battle, but he always refuses. The first time you were angry, but then you understood that he’s just worried for you. He dosen’t want to put you in such big danger, and after all you felt fluttered. Every day, when you are free from missions, you spend your time together. It’s been a week since you last saw him. He’s far to fight Templars, but you’re so worried, even if you know that he’s one of the best fighters that you ever seen. And you miss him terribly, even if it’s just a week. You miss his Italian accent, his smiles and smirks, his voice…simply everything. You live in Italy from quite a lot now, but you still haven’t learn Italian yet. So Ezio is trying to help you to learn his native language. You love it so much when he talks in Italian. Actually, that’s why you’re trying so hard to learn it, for him, so you could always listen to him talking in Italian with you. Suddenly, you feel that someone’s touching your shoulder, you stand up immediately, ready to stub the person with you hidden blade

“Ezio, God damn it, you scared me to death!” you say, pretending to be angry, but you can’t control your joy and you hug him tightly

“Hello, bella” he greets you with that smooth voice of his, sending chills down your spine

“I was starting to get worried…” you say, without realizing it

“You, worried for me?” he says, smirking down at you

You let go of him “ahem…is your mission complete? You don’t have to travel more?”

“I don’t have to travel more, not for now” you sit down to your place again, inviting Ezio to do the same just with looking at him. He accomplishes you, sitting down next to you “And your missions? Have you completed them?”

“Of course, mentor” you say, joking a little

Molto bene, mia cara (y/n)” he smiles

You feel like your heart skipped a beat. He takes off his hood, and it looks like his eyes are shining in the moonlight. You could stare at him for hours. Suddenly, looking back at the sky, you remember the day when you first met. He was waiting you in Rome, where you arrived after days and days of travelling. First, you reached Gaeta travelling in the sea, and then you reached Rome, travelling by horse. You were exhausted when you arrived in Rome. It was early in the morning, and you were already wearing the Assassin’s robes, to be sure that he would recognize you. And then you saw him, the hood revealing just half of his face, but it was enough for you to find him pretty handsome. You got near, and spoke with a soft voice, shyly. You were surprised that he knew English pretty well, but you remembered that his father was a banker, so maybe he had also some business contacts in England. Since that Ezio would have been a banker too if his father hadn’t been killed, maybe he had to study it. Anyway, even if you were so tired you wanted to start immediately with your training, but you regretted it at the end of the day. You were so tired that you fell asleep immediately. The next morning you were sleeping so peacefully that Ezio had to wake you up, shaking your shoulder lightly. That was the first time that you saw him without his hood, and the first time that he saw you without your hood too. He had a light smile plastered on his face, with a gentle expression in his eyes. The best thing that you saw while waking up ever. You apologized a lot when he said how hard it was to wake you up, but he just smiled, saying that this wasn’t  a problem. Some days after, you started to appreciate him more, you wanted and needed his company more than before, and then, after a couple of months, you understood that you fell in love with him. Your heartbeat got faster when he was near, you blushed often because of him, you were more shy with him, when you’re not a very shy person…lots of little things that made you think about your feelings for him. At first, you thought that it wasn’t something important, but as time passed you realized how much deep was your love. And every day it gets deeper. He’ so caring towards you that you can’t stop yourself from loving him. He always was there for you in your bad moments, and he always will be. He always says that, and you know that he’s telling the truth, his look tells you everything that you need to know. His look makes you sure, and thanks to it, you know that you can trust him so damn much.

“(y/n)? Are you listening?”

Scusa Ezio, I got distracted”

“It’s something wrong, dolce cuore?

“No, don’t worry. I was just…remembering the day when we first met”

“What a lucky day it was” he says, smiling “Anyway, did you noticed that you spontaneously talked in Italian, even if it was just a very short sentence?”

“Did I?”

“Yes, you did, and you sounded really cute. You should talk in Italian more often”

You blush deeply “B-but I still don’t know the language very much, I just know the basics”

“But I’m right here, ready to teach everything to you in the best way that I can” he says, smiling at you again “Just ask me something, I’ll answer for you”

“Ok, so…how do you say ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’?”

Non riesco a smettere di pensarti

“And…how do you say ‘I love you’?” you ask shyly

He freezes for a moment, and then he looks you in the eyes in a serious but gentle way, caressing your cheek lightly, leaning slowly to your lips “Ti amo” he says in a sweet but passionate tone

Then, he does what you never thought he would do to you. He kisses you passionately. You immediately melt in the kiss, your lips moving in sink. He licks your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you happily accomplish. You fight for dominance, but he wins this match, and then explores every inch of your mouth. You can’t help it, and you let escape a soft moan. You wish that this could last forever, but you both need something called air, and even if you wouldn’t do it, you separate from each other. He looks you in the eyes, breathing heavily. You look away, too shocked to stand his look, blushing like never before. You hide half of your face with your hand, breathing slowly. Am I dreaming, or did it happen for real? You think

“It’s ok if it’s not the same for you…” he says, his voice cracking

“Are you joking? Ti amo anch’io, Ezio” You say, hoping that you said it in the correct way

He kisses you again, rougher than before. He pulls you closer with one hand on your waist, the other one rests on your cheek, while yours are pressed against his chest. You feel his fast heartbeat. You keep going on like this for quite a lot, until he invites you to sleep with him for tonight, and you happily approve, since that you’re tired, but you still want to stay with him. You reach his hideout, and then you slowly fall asleep, safe in his arms, his chest pressed against your back, his breath ghosting on the back of your neck, his fingers interwove with yours.


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